The Awakening

Of Gems and Granduer

Before heading up the stairs, a last look around revealed a shimmering darkness that fell away from the stone walls. I had never seen this kind of magic, it was as if Rasp had an open portal and it closed when he died. Finally, in the next room, we collected our wits and exchanged our loot. I helped Sadron into his newly acquired, ill-fitting, plate armor.

After this scene of camaraderie an argument sprang forth concerning our next move. Not trusting Jericho, I proposed that we split up, leaving Garil and Mezla to watch over the Eye and the rest of us to present Rasp’s tartan to Jericho as a sign of our completed task. The delivery of the Eye would come after our audience with Kiran.

After a reminder to lock the door behind us we exit Rasp’s into the SW corner of the Fort and returned to the bar, to wait. At the Cloak and Dagger to find a busy scene but are fortunate to be flagged to an open table by Tarn.

Son rejoined his boisterous group of sailors but not before I cautioned him to keep this hush. “I couldn’t have gotten this far without knowing when to keep my mouth shut.” Brotrolisk left the group with an apathetic huff and headed to the cellar.

Back at Rasp’s, Mezla kept watch between cartwheels and seeking inspiration for the words to properly commemorate the battle the pile of bodies in the corner had given their lives for. Garil was content to drink deeply of his ale and deeper still of the Eye.

Jericho’s men arrived at the bar and informed the group that he was not interested in our contingency plan and would see us all in the morning WITH the gem. Sadron and Glim retrieved Mezla and Garil from Rasp’s and I informed Son of the meeting. Upon retiring to the cellar I found a note from Brotrolisk, he had grown tired of this place and people and would find us in a few days time. I hoped this wouldn’t affect our deal with Jericho.

With the day drawing to a close Mezla and Garil decide to grab some grub as the remaining party set out for the shops. On our way Garil summons a raven, a large bird for such a small creature, and it informs him of its scouting. First stop, the armory, where Sadron sent his plate mail to be fitted and I sold the leather armor he had given me (Which was also his only other clothing). Next was Aglid’s where we met up with the two diners. Mezla exchanged some acid flasks and Garil commissioned some embroidery, why the need for such frivolity escapes me. With the shopping done we retire to our basement dwelling for the night.

In the morning we rise and head up for breakfast. Thiles is the lone person in the bar and he beckons us to the large Center table in the middle of the room. Mezla asks for for the Stannick breakfast drink and performs it heartily. Thiles recalls his adventuring with Stanick but has no idea of Keeran…he rescinded the breakfast tab on account of nostalgia. As we dine the teethling enters with 30 men and surrounds us, informs us that we will be hooded and lead to the meet with Jericho. As we are lined up, the men take a moment to look over Son, he is assaulted and separated from us.

We are lead once again through the catacombs of the prison fortress, moving deeper into the ground. We are lead through a large door into an expanse of a room where we are brought in front of Jericho. Son is not with us.

Jericho asks of our endeavour and Mezla recounts his poem to the delight of the Prison King. After demanding the Eye, Garil hands it over. As Jericho places the treasure on its pedestal he then asks for the warrant for Rasp’s death. We cannot produce one as a didn’t know we needed one and as we argued for self defense we are all rendered unconscious by the guards.

We awake in what appears to be stone prison cells, Mezla and Sadron in one and the rest of us in another. Sadron proceeds to use this as an opportunity to pray. The rest of us lament at the situation when we discover another prisoner. She seems overly calm about the situation and when pressed divulges she is familiar with Jericho. As we regale her of the unfortunate events that lead us to these cells she perks up at the name Stannick, at which point I’m convinced and discover we are in the presence of Keeran. She explains her situation and that the cells are impossible to escape from; even through arcane means.

A guard shows up and drags out Mezla and Sadron for what he called “games”. Keeran advises to play along for the betterment of all. Our compatriots are brought up to a room, fairly empty except for a desk along the far wall which is in front of a placard with a hook. Sadron and Mezla are kicked into the center of the room, surrounded, and told to fight. Ever the crowd pleaser, Mezla cocked back and punched Sadron square in the face. They proceed to scuffle, only for a moment as Sadron quickly deals a knockout blow and the two combatants are dragged back to the cells. After a brief recap from Sadron, the rest of the party joins Mezla in slumber.

The time drags on, becoming intolerable. What seemed like days, but we’re only hours passed by when the teethling emerges to ladle porridge into our hands. As we eat like dogs the teethling informs us of a key that will unlock the cells and Sadron tells of the placard where it may hang. A glimmer of a plan, of hope, emerges.

More time passed, at a snail’s pace, before 10 guards show up and storm my cell. They pin me to the wall and drag out Garil and Glim, kicking me in the jewels before heading up the “the arena”. This time the two combatants observe a guard handing the warden a key, which he hangs on the hook on the placard. Being the dwarf of action as he is, Garil makes a swift move for the key and is thoroughly beaten by the mob of guards. They are thrown back into the cells and I catch a faint sound of screams from deeper in the cells. Dread befalls the group.

After some time, and for lack of anything better to do, the party schemed for a way to get the key from the warden. It came down to myself and Keeran. We caused a cruffufle so as to gain the guards attention. We were bound and led to up to the arena. Knowing the drill by now Keeran got the fight started early and with a flourish so the warden forgot to place the key on his neck from the hook. As we grappled and played to the guards emotion I advised Keeran to throw me to the wall with the placard. She succeeded, thoroughly enough to give me enough time to throw the desk chair back at her, splintering it in a glorious distraction giving me time to grab and secure the key. After some more fighting I concede defeat and we are escorted down to the cells. Just before they are about to use the key we knock out the guards, well Keeran mostly, and we use the key to free the rest of the party.

Being free of the cells was a brief relief but we still knew there was much left to do. I grabbed a dagger of one of the guards and we proceeded to move to the arena. We come across a chest, before unbeknownst, and are overjoyed to find our confiscated gear. Everything seemed to be in order, except some lighter purses. We suit up and continue to the southern door.

We enter a room and discover the warden and six guards looking over a severely beaten and tortured Son. After a spirited battle we slay the enemy and quickly untie Son. As I dress Son’s wounds and Sadron clothes him, our comrades loot the bodies and Keeran opens the chest on the room finding a map. Ever the scholar, Glim takes the map and we head to the next room where we find a hoard of treasure!

After filling up on gold and loot we continue up the stairs, past a tapestry and into Jericho’s throne room. Moving faster than I have ever seen anything move, Keeran was upon Jericho and was ruthless in his slaying. There wasn’t much time to rejoice as the teethling arrived and told us that we had done a great service for the church retrieving the Eye of the Basilisk and that his name was Rin. He advised us to head north to the Holy City of Aelford where we could find answers at the Temple of Pelor.

Rin makes his escape and we follow close behind. We come up in the center of the city, where the tribulations of below had yet to surface. We acted quickly, retrieving our things from the shops and head to the gate. Thankfully the guards were also oblivious to the commotion and were easily bribed for some horses.

And we were on to Aelford…



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