Deacon Orrin

The High Holy man of the city of Aelford


Deacon Orrin is a devout priest of Pelor, but his devotion also lies with the people of Aelford. Being appointed as High Deacon means that Orrin is effectively responsible for the well-being of the city in much the way that a king is. Perhaps one of the wisest men ever to grace Chasm, the good deacon is always eager to help his people and whomsoever may require his aid.


The party meet Deacon Orrin at the Temple of Pelor in The Holy City of Aelford. Deacon Orrin is pleased for the return of ‘The Eye of the Basilisk’ to the eye socket of Pelor, for the statue to once again stand complete.

The Deacon speaks of his work with Kirin Cross and Rynn as he welcomes them into his office. He is stricken by the information and evidence of Nhilos’s return.

Deacon Orrin recognizes signs of a stalwart knight prophecy coming to fruition with this group and concerning recent events. Passage of a trial would confirm to the Deacon divine purpose within the party. This passage leads the Deacon the provide writs to the feud for party members interested, as well as his ongoing support and resources to halt the power of Nhilos.

Deacon Orrin

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