Kirin Cross

Skillful human fighter


Red hair
Two shortswords


Kirin is an friend that goes way back with Stanick Osborn. She is an elite human fighter whose weapons of choice are her twin short swords.

Our adventurers first learnt of Kirin from Stanick at the Hare of The Dog Inn in Keen Crag shortly after Willem’s demise. Kirin might have knowledge about the Moleg ramblings regarding Nelos.

Arriving at Kirin’s home a short distance from Keen Crag, our adventurers discovered her home torn apart in what appeared to be result of a recently prior struggle.

Kirin was imprisoned by her ‘friend’, Jericho [DECEASED]. Upon their own jailing, our adventurers met Kirin in their cells and worked in tandem with her to escape.

Kirin wasted not a moment when the opportunity arose to pay her vengeance on Jericho. She since agreed to continue with our adventurers on a ride north away from the Fort, during which she would assist them with her knowledge regarding the ramblings.

Kirin Cross

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