Tiefling Agent of the Temple of Pelor


Rynn is a Planetouched Tiefling, human-like in appearance, but unnerving in ways that are difficult to describe. Some are stricken by his visage, incapable of maintaining composure, and instead tremble in fear.


When the party met Rynn for the first time, he was acting under the pretense of being one of Jericho’s guardsmen and acting police chief at Fort Gallant. In truth, Rynn was there as an agent of the Church of Pelor, in the Holy City of Aelford. He had been ‘keeping an eye on the situation’, specifically mentioning a desire to eliminate evil.

Rynn was an instrumental part of the party’s escape from the prison at Fort Gallant, and is currently in posession of the Eye of the Basilisk, a massive green gem that was found there. He is headed back to Aelford, with the party following shortly behind, where they will meet again at the Temple of Pelor.

When the party reached the Temple of Pelor, Deacon Orrin informed the travelers that the statue of Eye of the Basilisk was really a missing eye from the statue of Pelor. Thanks to Rynn’s return of the gem, the statue was once again complete.


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