Aglid Nanarv

Dwarf Apothecary at Fort Gallant


Aglid is an apothecary, currently in business at Fort Gallant. Formerly imprisoned at the garrison, she remains within the fort to ply her trade at Aglid’s Oils and Elixirs, and remains thankful to Jericho for her freedom. Gladly paying any tribute to the proper authorities, She has maintained a humble but successful business, thanks in no small part to her ability to ‘out-haggle’ the less enterprising and knowledgeable members of advernturing parties who pass through the gates.

Replete with potions and enchanted items, Aglid is a fine sight for any Dwarf, merchant or otherwise, and is generally considered far too beautiful to be living above ground (especially without a man by her side!)


Aglid Nanarv

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