Brotrillisk the Burner

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Brotrillisk the Burner wears a hooded robe over his armor and head with a sheathed sword on his back. He is reptillian and humanoid in form.

Brotrillisk is a giant among men standing at 7’ and roughly 600lbs but despite his large exterior he remains very reserved and quiet. He keeps to himself, speaks only when he needs to and carries himself with an almost majestic presence. While most would probably be scared by his presence and stature he also has a very gentle and calming aura which seems to help him attract less attention by appearing less threatening.

There is something very mysterious about this Brotrillisk and nobody is sure where he comes from but rumors are he is born of red dragon and man. This is likely where he got the “burner” appellation.

He is said to have herculean strength, possess magical powers, and breathe fire but nobody has witnessed this first hand, challenged, or attempted to put this to the test.

What we do know is that he is a young half-dragon of approximately 32 years of age.

Brotrillisk’s motives are unclear but like many of his kind, they are often abandoned as children. I speculate he is perhaps lost and searching for something or someone and answers to his existence and background.

Brotrillisk the Burner

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