Kuldrie is a displaced-looking human with intricate prison tattoos covering his hands. They depict the hooves of horses and draw attention to the way he moves his fingers; always all together at once. He dreams of returning to his homeland, far in the south, where he would quickly be recognized. In defense of this Kuldrie has taken to wearing an oversized tricorner hat bartered from some recent visitor. He knows his current wares are nothing in comparison to the magnificent horses and equipment he used to . . . work with, but he is proud of his freedom and his reputation for providing useful assistance to anyone hoping to clog the gears of power.

Kuldrie leaves his shop in the care of his loyal, if not lazy, companion, who can often be found curled up tightly on the dirt floor looking annoyed. The dog he calls Torch due to his coat of burgundy copper wires. The way his hairs clump and curl along with the perturbed look make the animal seem like he just came in from the rain, and a curious customer would be surprised to find him completely dry were he to risk putting a hand on that fur.



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