Leo'nel Boricua

Half-Elf Sorcerer


Physical Description:
5’ 11"
red/grey eyes, brown hair

Personality Traits:
Reserved, curious, rebellious, adventurous, & arrogant

Elven, Common

Heavy Crossbow
Magic Missile ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Growing up as a half-elf in a small elven village, Leo’nel was often misunderstood as a child and was effectively ostracized by his elven peers growing up. He grew to despise his home and often left town for weeks on end, adventuring in an attempt to find his place in the world. It was during such adventures that Leo’nel discovered his affinity for the arcane arts.

Leo’nel left his village in an attempt to expand & refine his innate arcane abilities. It was then that he stumbled upon Walarth University, a school for wizards & the like. Though he tried his best to fit in, he constantly felt as though he was superior in his natural abilities than his peers & struggled with the discipline needed to study the curriculum.

It was then that Leo’nel realized that if he were to become the powerful sorcerer he wished to become, it would happen not through rigorous study, but rather relentless practice in the real world.

He left Walarth, embarking on an adventure to hone his craft on his own, his confidence driving his pursuit, but could his arrogance be the making of his downfall?

Leo'nel Boricua

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