Safeir Vrion

Elf Cleric


Class/Level: Cleric 1 Size: Medium Age 180 Height: 5’2" Race: Elf Weight: 110lbs Eyes: Blue Hair: Silver Skin: White Languages: Elven, Common 


Born in the land of Slanknut, at the young age of seven Safeir saw his family murdered by an unknown band of barbarians that came from the sea and flanked Slanknut from the rear. There were no survivors except for him. He was taken in as an orphan by a an elderly couple of sages in the elven forest of Dymwood, city of Balastyr far to the northwest. He threw away his path of wizardry, and his focus on water manipulation, the specialty of Slanknutians, and chose the way of healing in order to halt death, should it befall his friends again. Safeir, despite having a chaotic good nature deep down, has put many walls around his emotions in order to grow through the strife of death and remain apathetic should it strike again. For this, he has built a sarcastic persona, a facade, around his true character, which leads some to believe to be a chaotic neutral. Many who do not know him well, do not know this, as he keeps his faith towards Corellon Larethian rather private, so as to not be manipulated or taken advantage of, as he knows the treachery that lies in many’s hearts. However, the facade he has created can be seen through in his devotion to saving others, and his favoritism towards creative approaches to problems. Now, at the age of 180 he has traveled to many places far away from Dymwood. After graduating from the college of Chulugga, in Givas, he worked as a diplomat for the United Lands. After many more travels, he began settling down at middle age. Believing he had found happiness finally with a young halfelf, Sylbioth. However, she became ill and passed away suddenly, causing him to leave his most recent residence in Colmath, and hit the road for adventure. Safeir now acts as a rogue cleric,. With his sarcastic persona at his side, he startles many with his skills as a cleric; leaving them befuddled in regards to where he gets the motivation to help others. He tries to keep his past’s details directed mainly towards his time in Slanknut.


After separating from the rest of the group to search for his sack, in the darkness Safeir slowly stumbles upon a mythical ore. He slowly approaches to analyze the substance; however, it suddenly accelerates towards him and erupts in his eyes before he can cast a defense to counter it strike.

Initially merely bewildered, as if he had just been hit on the side of his face once, the damage quickly reveals itself to be much deeper. The ore begins to immerse itself in his eyes and then begins to move into a light surrounding his entire body, with its rays like vines moving from his organs to skin. Safeir is then pulled backwards and sinks into the ground. At this point he loses consciousness and drifts into comalike state; neither asleep or awake.
It turns out the ore is actually an extremely rare, ancient parasite that feeds on the process in which memories are made, thus bypassing his immunity to sleep spells. Time as he knows has frozen indefinitely, and his thoughts begin to stop entirely. Unable to escape the depths and the ore interrupting his mind and burried deep beneath the soil, Safeir seems unlikely to survive.

Days pass, and it appears that unless someone/thing discovers him within the ground, he will be trapped indefinitely. However, hope is not yet gone. The necklace of his god, Corellon Larethian, which was blessed recently with a defensive charm prior to his departure becomes aligned with its great silver star in the blue cosmos. The reaction between the necklace and his god penetrates the soil and creates a holy field that repels the effect of the parasitic ore in a sphere far enough to reach the part of his brain allowing for motor movement.

His body begins to frantically kick and he intuitively summons a resistance spell around himself. The ore is ejected almost immediately from his body and enters an immediate offense directed at his resistance field. Upon impact with the spell, a shock-wave burts between the two strong enough to throw him out of the soil to the dark night above. Safeir lands his knees three meters from where he was buried. As the resistance spell wares off, the feeling of millions of worms being instantly expelled from every part of his body overcomes him and he begins to shake frantically. However, this is not strong enough to suppress his will as the instinct of flight kicks in and without hesitation hits his feet in a staggering dash, using his low light vision to run as fast as he can in the direction of what he remembers to be the Hare of the Dog.

Upon arriving at the Hare of the Dog, he learns that the adventures he had met briefly before had already returned and departed north on a quest to find someone called Kirin. Figuring it isn’t worth the hassle to seek out his sack or the group in his spirit’s weakened state, he begins to head north towards the Holy City of Aelford in order to assess if the ore has caused permanent damage in any way, and to recover at one of its temples…

Safeir Vrion

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