Son Haj D. Ioannis

Pirate I Rogue I Human


Career Level: 2
HP: 16
AC: 14
Speed: 30
Weapons: Short Sword, Hand Crossbow
Languages: Common, Aquan
Special Abilities: Sneak Attack, Trap Finding, Evasion


Born far off in the Eastern Sea on the ship of his father, Captain D. Ioannis, leader of the Mountain Goat pirate crew, one of the most revered pirate crews in the western hemisphere, is where Son Haj D. Ioannis, Son for short, began his career as a pirate.

Son was 9 years old when he began combat training. His first weapon passed onto him was his short sword, previously wielded by his late mother, who passed away when Son was a baby. When his father was out scavenging lands for food, cargo, and treasure, Son would stay with the crew’s ship and spar with some of his father’s shipmates. His hunger to learn and natural interest in people immediately grew on everyone and Son quickly became a beloved and valued member of the Mountain Goat crew. He was given a hand crossbow on his 13th birthday and trained under his uncle, the crew’s number 1 marksmen and first mate to his father.

Adventure and prosperity seemed endless for the Mountain Goat crew, until the events on one fateful night that would change the course of Son’s life forever. Unbeknownst to the Mountain Goats, the crew’s ship, the Ferry Lamb, was ambushed by the Desert Wolf Pirates, cowardly slaughtering shipmates in their sleep, and fighting those on night watch to the death. Captain D. Ioannis was mortally wounded by the Desert Wolf’s captain, and in his last breath gave Son his most prized treasure map, instructing him to guard the map with his life, burn the Ferry Lamb, and embark on a journey to seize the treasure his family has wielded from generation to generation.

An orphan in the world, and the last remaining heir of the initial D. dynasty, Son travels east in search of his families treasure. During the past 10 years searching, Son has earned his position as a master rogue traveller, perfecting his skills in survival, enemy diversion, navigation, and diplomacy amongst those he feels he can trust.

Son Haj D. Ioannis

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