Human Ranger


Age: 27
Height: 6’
Weight: 180
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Build: Athletic


An inconspicuous man, Thrash looks the definitive ranger. Donned in leather armor, bow across his back and a shield and scimitar, parting gifts from his Elven Tutor, complete the ensemble.

An exceptionally traveled ranger, at only 27 years of age, he began learning his trade as early as he can remember. Found abandoned in the woods by an Elven ranger, only a toddler but thrashing wildly as though possessed. Taking quickly to the teachings of his warden, he was soon on his own at 16. Whether he had nothing more to teach or he grew tiresome of his human apprentice, as elves are wont to do, Thrash didn’t know or care. He had been restless, ever since the dreams began.

Not staying in one particular place for long he doesn’t create lasting relationships, although people say that he is very easy to talk to yet many leave with little information about their new acquaintance. Motives are short to come by but for one reason or another he tends to find himself in precarious and increasingly darker incidents

3rd Session: The Awakening

Our walk led us to an Inn in the woods and my thoughts returned to the quest, where my earlier intuitions had come to pass. Indeed, there was something dark afoot. As I settled in, the image of that old man’s chest being opened by my blade kept replaying through my mind. What a waste. I might have been able to get something from him that would have brought me closer…

A round of ale arrived at the table, bringing me back to the dim murmur of the dingy crowd. It was then that I noticed Sadron conversing with a human woman. One who seemed much out of place. The Innkeeper approached and asked for news of his friend. I let the others do the talking since I barely knew the man. My eyes darting back to the odd scene of elf and human flirtations.

My ears perked up when the conversation returned to the evil creature that had compelled the old man. The Innkeeper had no knowledge of Moleg or Neelos but knew of a woman who might. A comrade from the Innkeeper’s past, Kiiran Cross, whom he spoke of with high regard—nay respect. She could be found in a hut southwest of Wedgewood. We agreed that we would pay her a visit on the morn.

As we were preparing to retire to our rooms, Sadron discovered his coin purse was missing. Realizing the human woman must have taken it we aided him in searching the rooms and public spaces of the Inn but she was not to be found. I suspect she slipped out by the upstairs window but being that I could not see her path into the woods I decided not to pursue it any farther.

In the morning we set out for Kiiran’s hut. While journeying the Dragonborn deciphered the words “Moleg” and “Neelos” from the tome’s script. He could read nothing more but we knew it meant we were on the right path.

Unfortunately, our present path did not lead us to our prize. We found the hut but it had been ransacked and Kiiran was not there. Signs of struggle were all around and the tracks were easily picked up. We followed the trail until we came upon a group of eight robbed men arguing over what we deduced was a missing prisoner.

I ran ahead and took position in a tree so that I might gain advantage. After signalling to my companions the Bard foolishly approached the group who greeted him by drawing their swords. As they neared him I aimed first on the man to the back of the group so as to not give away my position. Firing two arrows, one to turn his head the second to pierce it, I easily took him down.

During the skirmish the Bard took heavy damage and the Dragonborn was successful with his firebreath but hapless with his sword. The Gnome proved his value with helpful spells as well as the Cleric who summoned a celestial dog. I took down five of the men myself without ever leaving my post.

While the Cleric was aiding the Bard the rest of us helped ourselves to the pockets of the men who had the ill fortune of crossing our path. The gold pieces I took were no small sum. After everyone was satisfied with their loot and the Bard was well enough to continue I picked up a solitary trail that led us to Fort Gallant—the infamous prison fort. We bought our way in with forty gold pieces and entered that den of miscreants.


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