Karma Points

This section is about drawing, you the player, into helping me create the world we share. I need your help to make things go smoothly, and when things go smoothly, we all have a better time. That said, here are some things I think you can do to help, and thereby earn Karma Points:

Description Points

  1. Thrillseeker (once per session) -RSVP to event notice no less than 3 days prior to event start.1
  2. Timely (once per session) -In place and ready to start at time of event start. 1
  3. Unreliable (once per session) -Do not show, or do not show on time, or fail to RSVP. -5
  4. Scout’s honor (once per session) -Character sheet updated before the day of session. 1
  5. Signed, sealed, delivered (once per session) -Current character sheet in DM possession before the day of session. 1
  6. Gluttonous (once per session) -Bring snack/drink to share to session. 1
  7. Thespian (once per session) -Session’s best roleplayer as voted by the players (points based on number of votes). Varies
  8. Blogger (once per session) -Diary entry added to your character page bio for a session. 1-3
  9. Bard (once per session) -Session summary in story form within one week. 1-5
  10. Always about me (once) -Character description & biography section of character page completed. 1-5
  11. BFFs (varies) -Living NPC Bio, description, artwork, related to your own background story. 1-5
  12. Haughty artiste (once) -Provide your character as a painted mini, helping our photos look great and generally improving the feel of our game. 1-3
  13. Teacher’s pet (as needed) -Taking on a special project for me, such as writing an NPC background, city descriptions, etc. (Varies)

Now that you have helped improve all of our game experience, this is how we will help make your gaming experience better. These are some ways you can spend your Karma Points:

Description and Cost

  1. Almost there! (once per session) -50xp times character level. 1
  2. Alms for the poor (once per session) -2PP times character level next time in town. 1
  3. Re-roll (basic) (once per roll) Re-roll the last skill check, attack, weapon damage, or single target spell damage. 3
  4. Re-roll (intermediate) (once per roll) -Re-roll initiative check or multi-target spell damage. 6
  5. Re-roll (advanced) (once per roll) -Re-roll hit die roll when leveling character or saving throw. 8
  6. Practice makes perfect (once per level) -+1 skill point when leveling character – skill must fit your story. 10
  7. Dragon legacy (3 times) -Access to level 0 Spell-like ability, useable 3 times per day (must have score of at least 12 in required attribute). 15
  8. Focused (5 times) -+1 to any skill, may bypass maximum limit – skill must fit your story. 15
  9. Jack of all (3 times) -May add one skill to class skill list – skill must fit your story. 20
  10. Dragon ancestor (3 times) -Access to level 1 Spell-like ability, useable 3 times per day (must have score of at least 14 in required attribute). 25
  11. Hardy (3 times) -Permanent additional hit die of last class you leveled. 25
  12. Into the sunset… (DM discretion) -Write out your current character, write in a new one at equal XP total, instead of a level lower. 30
  13. Check again (once per roll) -Force DM re-roll of any ONE roll made against their character. Player may also choose original or re-roll. 35
  14. Able (3 times) -+1 to any one ability score. 40
  15. Veteran (3 times) -Bonus Feat. 40
  16. Dragon blooded (3 times) -Access to level 2 Spell-like ability, useable 2 times per day (must have score of at least 15 in required attribute). 40
  17. Tough (3 times) -+1 to any one saving throw. 45
  18. Quick (3 times) -+1 to all initiative checks. 45
  19. Sure footed (2 times) -+5 feet to speed score. 50
  20. Today is my day! (once per session) -+2 luck bonus to all rolls for one session. 50
  21. Brawny (3 times) -+1 to all weapon damage rolls for one session. 60
  22. The Dragonborn (3 times) -Access to level 3 Spell-like ability, useable 1 time per day (must have score of at least 16 in required attribute). 75
  23. Weapon master (once per session) -In place of weapon damage, automatic maximum damage roll: 1/3 damage in KP (rounding up)
  24. Student of the arcane (once per session) -In place of spell damage, automatic maximum damage roll: Single target – 1/3 damage in KP; Multiple target – KP equal to dice.


This section is for the DM – keep me from earning points to spend against you!

Description and Points

  1. Wait, change everything! (once per player per session) -Player RSVPs and fails to show on time, or does not RSVP but shows anyway, forcing huge amount of last second work. 5
  2. Tell your story (once per session) -No player completes adventure notes within one week, and I am forced to do it myself. I would rather spend my time writing new things for you to do than recap the things you already did. 10

And this is what I will spend it on:

Description Points

  1. Mulligan (once per encounter) -Re-roll last roll. 3
  2. BOOM Headshot! (once per session) -Automatic critical on attack. 15


PKP Totals

Karma Points

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