The Holy City of Aelford

The holy city is a metropolis of vast size and great import on the world scale. Aelford is one of many trade ports and such a vast diversity of goods may be bought and sold there.

The lands of Aelford stretch beyond the holy city itself. The realm covers 1,000 square miles of which 700 are arible and the remaining 300 being wilderness.

The Holy city itself covers 3,250 acres and is surprisingly well integrated. The population is some 49,000 people with the majority race being human (37%). The remainder is approximately 20% Halflings, 18% Elves, 10% Dwarves, 7% Gnomes, 5% Half-Elves, and 3% Half-Orcs.

The area of the city is divided into 7 districts: The Foreign Quarter, Crafters Corner, The Temple District, Noble Heights, Squator’s Grotto, The Wharf, and Merchant’s Row.

Some establishments of note:
The Hearth and The Harlot
Dragon’s Arse(nal)

The Holy City of Aelford

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